Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What type of meal is served for lunch?

A.  Our meals are prepared fresh each morning prior to the cruise. We try and incorporate local produce as much as possible into our lunch with a freshly baked ciabatta roll, local butcher smoked chicken breast and ham, fresh made salad and home made vegetarian frittata, with your choice of cold drinks or Red or White Wine.  Morning tea is a home made bush tucker muffin and afternoon tea wattyl seed Anzac biscuits all served with Tea and Coffee.


Q. Can I remain on board if I don’t want to do the guided walks?

A. Yes, you can.


Q. Can I order a special lunch?

A. We are able to cater for most dietary requests, please contact us prior to the morning of departure of your requirements or on the special meals page when booking online.


Q. Can I buy Alcohol on board?

A. We do serve a glass of Wine or Local Craft Beer with lunch if you wish to have another you can purchase at very reasonable prices.


Q. Can I go for a swim?

A. Yes you can, whilst swimming conditions in the Coorong are generally safe, you must understand that taking a swim is entirely at your own risk.  We do not recommend swimming in the ocean.


Q. What should i bring on the cruise?

A. It is advised to bring a hat, sun glasses, sun screen, insect repellant, camera, binoculars and comfortable walking shoes, If there is likely to be rain, a rain coat.


Q. Can I bring a stroller or pusher on board?

A. Unfortunately no, there is not enough room on board without impeding access along the aisle which is inconvenient for other passengers and a safety issue.


Q. Is there a toilet on board?

A. Yes.


Q. How strenuous are the guided walks?

A. The guided walks are generally easy. They involve a sand dune climb but are gently sloping.


Q. Is the cruise likely to encounter rough water?

A. No, the cruise in in narrow sheltered waters and is very rarely rough. Should weather forecast predict bad conditions the cruise will be cancelled or modified to avoid rough conditions.


Q. What arrangements apply for children?

A. Age range for children is 0 – 15  years inclusive. Meal is not provided for children under 2.


Q. Do you visit the set of the Storm Boy movies?

A. While the set for the movies was temporary, we do visit the exact area where the filming took place in the pristine Coorong National Park.  We were the major transport provider for the 2018 adaptation and took cast and crew down daily throughout the filming.


Q. Do you have wheelchair access?

A. Unfortunately, no.


Q. Will the tour be cancelled?

A. The tour can be cancelled due to gale force winds being predicted or insufficient passenger numbers (currently 5 passengers required to run the cruise).


Q. If the tour is cancelled how will we be notified?

A. We will notify you the night before should the tour be cancelled.


Q. Do you sell gift vouchers?

A. Yes, please contact us via phone and we can arrange a gift certificate and brochure to be sent out or you can order online via the gift vouchers page.


Q. Can you always get through the Tauwitcherie Lock?

A. No due to certain tides and wind directions it is not always possible to get to the lock, if this is the case we will travel further into the Coorong instead.